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Kula For Karma "Mindful in Manhattan"

September 6, 2018 marked 5 years for me... this year specifically I have been deeply committed to helping others not live in misery and/or die from substance abuse. The struggle is real and not easy ...angels invited me to to teach recovery yoga and help those in need, which required me to be more public on my story.....

Yoga For Mental Health & Addiction Recovery -

To listen to my interview with Dr. Cali Estes and Dr. Teralyn Sell on their "Unpause Your Life" podcast, go to:


We discuss the power of YOGA in mental health and addiction recovery. If you have ever been interested in YOGA as a method to help you heal, check this out! 

In this Kula For Karma video, “No More Suffering in Silence,”

I was 1 of 9 individuals who spoke out with personal stories of struggle and recovery, and how the connection to yoga and mindfulness helped find resilience and hope.

This was a RAW - AND - UNSCRIPTED discussion with Dr. John Surie

about Mental Health and the power you have already inside you...

-300 MILLION People Worldwide are affected by Depression

-SUICIDE is the 10th leading cause of Death in the USA and the
2nd leading cause of death among people ages 15-24

-AGE 32 is the age when Depression begins for most people

My Facebook live interview with Kula For Karma regarding how Yoga Helps Healing Trauma and Addiction

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