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"Working with Maria doing yoga has opened up a door to a spiritual place I had not been to before. I learn so much about myself when we do yoga and always wish we had more time! Maria's technique is a fantastic way to relieve stress!"

Debbie Kourgelis

"Maria has become an invaluable part of my mind, body and spirit. It's that simple.."

Rich Tozzoli

I can’t even express what a class with Maria is like for me. Each and every class is some sort of spiritual awakening. Her undeniable faith in her practice just oozes about the room. I had a very rough year emotionally during 2017-2018. I attended as many of Maria’s classes as I could. She helped me cross to the other side. You won’t ever want to miss a class!

Holly O'Rourke

I was introduced to yoga by Maria nearly four years ago. Her approach to teaching, simply put, brings me joy. She’s worked with me through some post surgery limitations and plenty of stress. She’s created a space that both gives me strength and calms me. When I face tough situations, I can hear her calming voice in my head. I feel very fortunate to have yoga - and Maria - in my life!

Amanda Miller

Maria for me was more than a yoga teacher because she modeled and symbolized what yoga stood for. She allows those in her presence to feel safe and comfortable because she is so comfortable in her own skin. Her words of wisdom are always relevant and are the things you want to repeat to the world. She is a master teacher, and most importantly walks the talk through her constant hours of volunteering 

She aces life !!

Jim Stroker

For years, I have maintained an exercise routine focused on toning and aerobics. When I first took a yoga class with Maria, I wasn’t aware of the additional benefits I would receive. Yoga provides me with relief from daily stress and enhances my ability to focus. With Maria’s influence and encouragement, I have added components of yoga to my daily routine and find that I am more flexible and energetic, with a more positive approach to life and work. Yoga practice has given me an opportunity to search for and find an inner peace that I apply in my life, as I continue to learn and practice the art of yoga with Maria.

Joyce Traina

Having practiced many varieties of yoga in my life, I am discovering the depth of the yoga experience in Maria's class. She blends the essential elements with spiritual techniques that make each class a memorable progression to deeper levels. The benefit to me is the ease in which I can access inner peace in the midst of daily chaos

Bernardo G

Practicing yoga with Maria has helped me in mind, body and spirit. Before taking Maria’s Recovery Class, exercise and spirituality were disparate pieces practiced separately. Now I have a yoga practice that honors and supports my spiritual beliefs which brings a deeper meaning to my mat. I get to pray, meditate and feel good in my body! Maria encourages me to try my best and even step outside my comfort zone. I ALWAYS leave a session with Maria filled with gratitude, peace and exhilaration!


I feel like Maria is more than my yoga teacher - she is my spiritual advisor, my healing friend, my soul sister. Every session is a co-creation which furthers me on my path in wellness. I cherish our time together, it is the HIGHLIGHT of my week!

Jennifer Graf

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